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Blog Like A Pirate: The Amazing Formula To More Readers Than You Know What To Do With, And Leads Knocking On Your Doors *

* All Without You Ever Writing A Single Word!

Dear Friend,

How would you like to bring in a flood of traffic into your business, and the many sales opportunities that will bring?

The strategy I’m going to share with you could transform your business.

“A strategy for b2b and b2c inbound leads through blogging”

Done right, this strategy will give you:

Up to 4 or 5 times, maybe more, traffic than you are already getting

Greater sales and profits from selling more of your products and services

More brand recognition in your market

More free time on your hands to pursue important initiatives

The best part about this? It costs far less than running sustained ad campaigns and other media and publicity campaigns.

I’m talking about leveraging authoritative blogging to bring traffic naturally from people interested in the topics you do business in. The way you go about doing this, however, can make or derail your effort. Here’s why.

“I’ve Tried Content But It Didn’t Work…”

Think about how the average online business goes about their blogging.

Like a million others, they write blog posts because they know, or have heard, that they “need to blog.”

And blog they do, with no strategy, no finesse, and no measure of their return on investment.

They create lots of content and tell themselves it’ll pay off in the future.

The worst part, though, is that nobody outside of the company cares or even knows the blog exists.

This is what happens when you assume that creating lots of content is enough…

If you are one of those who’ve been tempted to write off blogging and content marketing for good, I got a surprise for you…

Just because you haven’t been able to do it doesn’t mean others aren’t doing it successfully.

Media sites like The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Upworthy get millions of views PER DAY.

All on the back of spectacular blogging and content marketing.

Whether you are writing for a business audience or for consumers, dialling in your blogging brings immense credibility, and yes, traffic.

Credible online content contributes to what’s known as “earned media.”

That means you don’t just write disguised sales pages and call it “blogging.”

Readers today are way too savvy to be consistently hoodwinked by that.

Content mill level drivel produces minimal results

Given the demanding nature of blogging consistently for results, a bunch of “content mills” have sprung up across the internet.

The only problem is, they don’t get the job done properly. Clients consistently complain about the lack of skill and lack of effort put up by these content mills.

Think about it.

The people behind these sites are in it to make a buck, and they don’t write the content themselves.

A lot of the stuff these content mills are churning out, plainly speaking, is junk.

You know it and they know it.

Actually, maybe they don’t know it, for then they might actually have done something about it.

So platforms filled with poorly paid staffers cranking out semi-illegible writing to fill the internet.

Even Google and other search engines might be beginning to catch up.

The truth, though, is that the content mills are not the only ones doing this.

I’d venture to say most of the “content” published on the net these days is drivel that’s written shoddily, and it’s read by just about nobody.


Inside “Blog Like A Pirate”, your blog posts are written to be read by real humans. I bring the expertise I’ve picked up over the years writing for media sites like The Culture Trip and guest posts for big sites like Tweak Your Biz and the Slack blog.

In the old days of the internet, writing for humans was out of favor, you see.

So webmasters all over the internet were slapping up all manner of drivel for search engines to consume.

They did.

And the sites made money.

Then Google realized the humans were the only ones not happy with this situation. The answers that would show up in the search engines were written for search engines, not real humans with real problems looking for solutions.

Now Google has gotten smarter.

Google’s guidelines recommend writing “for humans, and not for search engines” anymore.

That means if you are writing junk “content” or getting it from content mills that write like 3rd graders, you’re out of luck if you want quality search traffic.

The Penguin update to Google’s search engine penalized many of the SEO optimizations that entered the vogue in the past

If you are not writing for humans, you could get penalized, or humans will simply bounce from your site because you are writing for search engines.

Blogging for humans means writing with emotion

I wrote an article that got me plenty of views on Medium and received substantial attention because it spoke to human emotions.

The article, titled “Why You Should Choose React Over Angular 2 or 1 For That Matter” has garnered thousands of views now. Views continue to pour in.

The article touched off something of a firestorm because it spoke to humans, not search engines, about why one piece of technology was better than another.

In addition, I took a very opinionated stand against one techniology and spoke about why I preferred a very different technology.

Take this BLOGGING LIKE A PIRATE key with you when considering what to say on your blog:

Being opinionated results in people PAYING ATTENTION



It’s not just me who has discovered that blogging like a pirate, with real emotion and guts, works wonders.

It works even better for getting the attention you want from the internet for your business or blog.

Here’s what Seth Godin, the noted marketer, had to say:

“I made a decision to write for my readers, not to try to find more readers for my writing.” — Seth Godin

And another notable online marketer, James Altucher, had this to say:

“When Kamal told me he was nervous about writing his book, nervous about what people would think of him, I told him, I ONLY write when I am nervous about what people will think. Then he wrote my favorite book.” — James Altucher

As you can see, when you write with humans in mind and you use emotions to tell your story, wonderful things happen.

You get fans, who become followers of your brand and, eventually, buyers.

All because you made the bold decision to BLOG LIKE A PIRATE.

If you are not writing for real people, with emotion and feeling, all these wonderful things are unlikely to happen.

Worse, your blog will likely sink into oblivion, and no-one will ever know your business or personal blog even exists.


Now, you might think my blogging formula will not work for you, or that your business can’t possibly get results from blogging.

But the experts have found extensive results from blogging for businesses in just about any industry you can think of.

Marketing site Hubspot reported that:

“Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI” — Hubspot

Could that be you with a 13 times higher return on investment from your marketing budget?

Here’s more:

“On average, companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month than those without” — GetCodeless

Some estimates put that advantage at over 100% more leads.

Hubspot also says:

“Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month get nearly 3.5x more traffic than those that publish 0-4 monthly” — Hubpot

Few activities earn you the credibility and authority with inbound traffic as blogging, done properly, will do for you.

Blogging is effective for both B2C lead generation and B2B lead generation

Blogging builds affinity and trust for your business in the mind of prospective customers

To see why, I want you to answer this question as honestly as you can… Ready?

Have you ever bought a car or loaf of bread produced by Forbes Magazine?

No! Yet why do you trust them?

It’s because, chances are, you’ve read a ton of articles on their site, and now you trust them to tell you just about anything of importance! Including what to buy and what not to buy!


All these advantages that we’ve been looking at can be yours today when you order Blog Like A Pirate.

Blog Like A Pirate is your solution for thought leadership, improved search rankings, and building trust and lead generation through a bundle of 10 high quality thought leadership blog posts.

These thought leadership blog posts all use the principles and pillars of the Blog Like A Pirate method. Your posts will all be written by me.

I am Ten Mutunhire, the Pirate of online marketing, and the creator of Blog Like A Pirate.

I love helping small businesses and online entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I’m super passionate about online marketing

Like many entrepeneurs, I kind of stumbled into the online marketing world unwittingly.

Before becoming a copywriter and blogger, I started some failed startups that showed me the importance of marketing

Since then, I have worked with tech startups and their scrappy founders.

The number #1 problem I observed as being a cause of startup struggles, was marketing.

I have also worked with coaches, consulting companies, retailers, and businesses of various kinds. It’s true that marketing is among the chiefest challenges that hold so many businesses back from their true potential.

Fortunately, you can use these insights to focus on marketing for your own business.



Now, if you want to be part of an up and coming community of entrepreneurial types all interested in online marketing, you should consider learning from us.

Towers Of Zeyron, the blog I set up to share my marketing expertise, is an up and coming blog for entrepreneurs who want to learn online marketing.

Our content and courses help small businesses put one foot in front of the other and market better and grow.

Being a small business is a moment in time.

Every large business was once a small business.

With the right vision, your business can and will grow.

Towers Of Zeyron is there to partner and support these entrepreneurs and small businesses and be a resource for their growth…


The blogging work I’ve done over the last couple of years has contributed wonderfully to the marketing efforts of both small and larger businesses.

I have helped two SaaS companies recently with their blogging: CompetitorMonitor, a retail SaaS software business and Upguard, a cybersecurity tech provider.

My content has been very well received.

My writing contributes both thought leadership and to Google search rankings.

Besides my recent clients, I have also written for well known publications such as The Culture Trip and TweakYourBiz.

The industries I have written for include everything from tech to fashion and marketing service providers


Along with the pleasure of doing quality work, I also love to hear how my work is helping clients accomplish their goals. Here is what some of my clients have said:

  1. “This is the second time that I appeal to Tendai, in addition to being very friendly and very fast, the quality of his writings is amazing.” — Maxim

  2. “Tendai produced high quality work for us and always maintained great communication throughout the process. I will definitely hire him again for future work.” — Scott

  3. “Tendai is just plain AWESOME! Nothing else to say!” — Jasmin

I help clients from everywhere around the globe, and the industries I’ve worked with span everything from tech and media to consumer products.


Now, I decided to throw in something very special for those who choose to take advantage of my Blog Like A Pirate program today.

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When you order Blog Like A Pirate today, here is what you are getting:

  1. 10 authority blog posts, value, $300 each, total = $3,000

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Total value = $3,999


This package will do a couple of very important things for the growth of your business:

  1. It will show you how to optimize your marketing funnel for the bigger profits and sales you want.

  2. And it will give you the thought leading blog posts you need to engage and attract traffic to your blog. This develops trust and credibility, leading to even higher sales of your products and services.

This results in even more business growth, allowing you to reinvest more into growing your sales and profits even further.

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#1. Will this work for me if I require very long blog posts?

Does the idea of not having to write all those long blog posts yourself make sense? Not only do I optimize your posts to rank well in Google and other search engines, but your posts will be extremely readable for blog readers. By not having to write the content yourself, you save hours and get your content done for your professionally in a way that is sure to grow your business. We will customize your blog count based on the average word count you want per post.

#2. How long does it take to get these blog posts?

You can rest assured that you will have your blog posts in a timely manner. We can stagger your blog posts over the course of a month, or deliver them all within 2 weeks of a set date. Either way, you could have your very first blog post within a day or two of placing your order!

You Have The Strategy. Take Advantage Of It

Businesses make blogging more painful for themselves and their blog readers than they need to be. Do you want to continue losing readers because your blog lacks excitement and human personality? 

You can start getting the blog engagement and readership you deserve. And those readers become leads and sales, and profits for your business.

Don’t miss this deal….

If you don’t take this opportunity, and your blog remains the same unexciting wall of jargon, your prospective customers could find their way to other sites and blogs that catch their attention. We don’t want that, but look, let’s be real. Site visitors are fickle and attention is short on the internet these days.



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