The Rockstar Of Luxury Brand Copywriting


Except, it’s not just a watch. It’s a high-end, unique timepiece.

Or you are selling fashion that is no mere fashion.

Maybe you are selling a liquor for real men, men who want nothing but the best for themselves and their loved ones.

Or you are selling a vacation cruise that is more than a vacation, an experience of a lifetime.

You can’t sell high end luxury products like any normal old product. If you do, shame on you.

Reach out and let me know what you need working on. If it sounds like something I’m excited about and feel it’s a genuine offer I can work with, I’ll send you my prices. If I can’t work with you, I will let you know why not.

The Science Fiction Saga Of The Year

It’s here! Almost a year in the lab, and now the great epic saga of Laudus Khavod and the Free Ship Anzhin, as told by yours truly. Get The Towers Of Zeyron on Amazon. Sign up on my waitlist to be notified when the next novel is available.

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