Knocks – Life is a very specific type of death game. In the end you die, so everything pulls you towards that, but first, you can sort of win. Successful people give life what it wants.

Now that you know that life is just a game, a certain type of game, let me tell you about the rules and how life really works.

In life, everything comes at a price. The price, however, for most good things, is always less than the value of the thing itself (a secret corrolary is that all the bad things cost more than they are really worth, but that only becomes apparent to very advanced players, so you carry right on and ignore this cheat). But the price will often be substantial, more substantial than it “should” be, or than anyone would think. Sometimes this price will be higher than the average person has in their pocket to buy the thing. This doesn’t mean the thing is unfairly priced, only that the people looking at it or trying it and giving up do not have that amount in their pockets. Only the people who succeed at the thing are able to afford the price of that particular thing. The others fall short because they do not have the price in their pockets, they do not have enough, or they get “wise” and realize the thing is more costly than they can afford and move on to settle for something a little smaller, which almost anyone can afford!

The price of all these things is what we call Knocks. It’s the cost that is never advertised with the thing itself. When you look at the thing, you never immediately see the Knocks, it’s never listed on the thing unlike in a typical shop where you can see the price upfront, most people who dream of having those things never think there is a Knocks demanded, in fact, because the Knocks are NEVER listed on the packaging of the thing, it always seems you can vault right over, pick up the thing and run away with it just like that.

But there is a big giant Knocks who looks like a mad Grizzly bear with a club who always rushes out and clubs you in the face if you are trying to sneak in and get the thing before you have paid the Knocks. This is enough to stop 99% of people because when they get up from being clubbed, they are not in the mood to argue with the giant Knocks and pay the Knocks. Typically, they discover the actual Knocks being asked is more than they would like to part with, so they slowly, slowly retreat, or continue lying down until the morning cleanup crew picks them up and dumps them on the bus back to the play area where everything they have already bought is waiting to console them.

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The funny thing about Knocks is that they are not only affordable by a rich or strong person or a handsome person. The people who get them do not even have to be the handsome ones or the talented ones. You see, almost anyone is given a certain small number of Knocks at birth. Knocks are measured in units of pain. The bigger the pain involved, the bigger the Knocks. A few humans have been struck with thunderbolts of Grizzly-Sized Knocks from far away planets. They became instant legends and after that everyone wrote about them. The myth went around that everything they touched turned to gold. In reality, they just had a few more Knocks to spread around after those events and were able to scare off a few of the smaller Grizzly Knocks that scare off most before the giants ever show up.

So, in this game, in life, to succeed you just have to be able to afford the price of success, and that means being able to withstand and be able to afford a few Knocks, enough not to get wiped out of Knocks before you get the thing, whatever it is you set your heart upon to go and get. Remember, everything costs Knocks.

And they are not advertised.

And everything will say, on the outside “No Knocks required here.”

When you are inside, you quickly discover it’s completely different. That’s called “Advertising” haha.

But you can immediately rush out and continue with your journey.

Or you can stick around and look in your pocket to see if you’ve got enough Knocks to pay.

Either way, you will soon find out because the giant Knocks will come and extract Knocks from you. When your Knocks are not enough, and you are wiped out of Knocks, then you will be tossed out like garbage.

At this point, you can go and hunt around to grow some Knocks, but be warned, almost no-one knows how Knocks get grown, but once in a blue moon if you fight with a giant Grizzly Knock, some Knock seeds will drop on the ground and you can pick them up, if the Grizzly does not kill you first, but this is a pretty risky way to get your Knocks because sometimes, well, the Grizzly eats you. But it’s the only way to get Knocks without ending up in prison, where you will get so many Knocks taken out of you that most people who go to that place are completely wiped out and come out with even less Knocks than they went in with. But a few people there who fight hardest can come out with a few more Knocks than all the other prisoners, by extracting Knocks from everyone else.

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If you want to win, then you’ve got to have enough Knocks, and be willing to pay the Knocks, take the Knocks and pay em, because everything you will ever want has a Knocks to it. More than you would ever imagine it to be. But those who have paid the Knocks and NOT been wiped out, because they were the few who just happened to have enough Knocks [almost no-one ever has enough Knocks for anything, your few Knocks start depleting the minute after you are born, you see], those have often remarked afterwards that everything cost less in Knocks than it was truly worth, that the Knocks was high, yes, but it was ALWAYS a fraction of what the thing was truly worth. And they have always been grateful for taking the Knocks and paying the Knocks and getting up again after the Grizzly Knocks had clubbed them with the Knock club. But some died in the process, you see. You can never know until after you got clubbed, if you had enough left. So the safe thing is often to step back before you get clubbed and just go back home. Yup, because sometimes the Grizzly, well, sometimes the Grizzly eats you.

So, you want to win?

Be prepared to pay the Knocks. Resolve to pay the Knocks for everything, to take the Knocks in your pocket and pay them.

The Knocks could be your partner backstabbing you. Do you fold or start afresh with a different business partner?

The Knocks could be the IRS shutting down your operation after some shady thing that happened in Vegas in which you were not a part. Do you “take a breather” or fight on?

The Knocks could be losing your home in a bankruptcy because you lost your health while you were working overtime in a coal-mine, and then the mine shuts down and can’t help you pay your medical bills. This situation requires a whole lotta Knocks, more than most people have.

Sickness of any sort takes a lot of Knocks out of you.

So does being an outcast, an outsider. Most don’t have what it takes.

So welcome to the game, Life. Now, how many Knocks do you have?

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