How To Sell A Health And Fitness Product Using Direct Response Copywriting: This long sales letter from Tai Chi Chi Kung Shows You How

DISCOVER THE 300-HUNDRED-YEAR-OLD CHINESE SECRET TO A HEALTHY HEART, STRONG MUSCLES, LIMBER JOINTS, AND INNER YOUTH A Message from Dr. Robert Willix Jr. Of all the physical and mental healing arts I’ve learned, TAI CHI is the gentlest, easiest to learn, and the most rejuvenating for your physical and mental health. It lowers blood pressure, […]

How to sell a top-tier newspaper publication to a professional demographic. This Newsweek sales letter showcases persuasive copywriting for a leading brand that uses an honest, down to earth approach to sell

Taking an honest and down to earth copywriting style can help you sell your luxury brand. This classic sales letter by Newsweek takes a frank and honest style that manages to persuade the reader that this is a brand they want to be a part of. Whether you are selling luxury cars, hotel bookings or […]

How To Write Sales Copy For An Insurance Policy. This classic example for Old American Insurance Company shows you how to sell your financial and insurance products through direct response marketing

To learn more about the company behind this copy example, please visit Old American Insurance Company, here. Here is a real treat for financial publishing businesses, insurance firms, brokerages and other insurance businesses. A classic sales letter from Old American, an insurance company with a venerable reputation, that shows you how to use emotion-based appeals in […]

"The most successful single piece of advertising in the history of the world": The Wall Street Journal Direct Mail letter that built a brand.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL The daily diary of the American Dream _____________________________________________ 22 Cortlandt Street/New York, New York 10007 Dear Reader: On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same college. They were very much alike, these two young men. Both had been better than average students, both […]

Copywriting Example For Selling A Hobby Magazine Subscription For Trout Anglers. This Is How To Sell A Brand The Right Way

Trout Spoken Here Also Bass. Salmon. And Bonefish CRAZY FOR FLY-FISHING? SEND FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTARY ISSUE OF FLY FISHERMAN — THE BEST THERAPY FOR VICTIMS OF THE “INCURABLE MADNESS” DESCRIBED BELOW. There’s no obligation. But we will throw in a FREE CREEL if you accept our subscription offer. Fellow Angler: There’s bait casting. There’s spin fishing. […]

Rocking The Brand: Ditch Your Cookie Cutter Copywriting For Marketing That Turns Customers Into Fans

Out With Boring, How Do I Make My Brand Exciting! Unless your brand is rocking the boat and making waves, you’ve sold yourself short on your advertising and marketing campaigns. If that’s you, you need this rectification like a symphony needs violins. Or, if guitar is more your thing, your brand still needs rectification like a […]

The Sales Letter That Made A Billion Dollars For American Express Shows You How To Win Customers For Your High End Brand

The following sales letter by American express is responsible for sending them billions of dollars worth of new business between 1976 and 1988. As you can see, adding a personal touch to your sales letters can do wonders for the numbers. In addition, watch for the subtle signals that communicate that the American Express Card […]

Email FROM LUXURY COPYWRITER Showcases The Good Parts Of The Victoria Falls Hotel. Selling Luxury Through Email Marketing Can Add A Personal Touch To Hotel Marketing, Convincing Readers To Visit

January 12, Victoria Falls Hotel, Sunny, the party is going on Hurry. The Hippos Are All Waiting To Take Photos With You. Buffet In The Grand Lounge Afterwards. Great Fun For All. Hi John, We are glad you have taken this opportunity to explore lovely Victoria Falls. You will know this is an unforgettable destination for […]

Hotels face struggles selling effectively. Rockstar of luxury copywriting reveals how hotels can sell luxury through online funnels

Adapt Or Die: Your Hotel Needs A Smart Strategy For Marketing Luxury Marketing has gone digital at an alarming pace. Nowadays, a luxury brand’s customers are as likely to get there via a digital platform like Facebook as from a TV or print commercial. In other words, adapt or die. You customers are spending inordinate amounts […]