The Advertising Industry Is Now Worth $1.2 Trillion, As Marketing in its various forms continues to grow through mobile, content marketing, social platforms and new digital platforms

The Advertising and Marketing industry saw huge growth in 2017, and now comprises a market value of $1.2 Trillion. This, according to a new report by PQ Media. The industry has grown at a fast-paced 3.9% through 2017. As impressive as that figure is, it is eclipsed by the 4.9% growth rate in the advertising […]

There Are Two Types Of People In The World. Marketers And Civilians. Which type of person are you? Matters in advertising and marketing

Well, you might not know this, but there are two types of people in the world. Marketers and civilians. Which type of person you are will determine how well you can be trusted to make a brand a success. Marketers treat marketing as the purpose of life. Civilians treat marketing as a function of business. […]